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‘Design-Business-Profit’ is the name of key project conducted by the Institute of Industrial Design from June 2014 to December 2015.

Purpose of the project is to create a professional business environment which shall prepare companies for use of industrial design. The project is conducted due to dissemination of knowledge about the design, the possibility of its introduction to the company and its benefits. This is ensured by free workshops, exhibitions, seminars and the website www.projekt-wbz.com.pl


Main recipients of the project are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Industrial designers (individuals and design studios)
  • Students and graduates of university faculties related to industrial design
  • Representatives of state and local administration.



The project foresees two types of workshops:

  • How to effectively implement new products? Interdisciplinary cooperation in the design project

The workshop is addressed to designers and technical and economic personnel (such as technologists, designers and economists) working directly with new implementations. Second group of recipients includes students and graduates of universities interested in work in implementation teams.

The New Product Implementation Process consistent with the proven methodology implemented by market-effective implementation teams is the substantive basis of the workshop.

  • How to make money on the design? Effective management of the design project

The workshop is addressed to companies’ executives, designers and individuals introducing new implementations and students and graduates of universities interested in work as a Product Manager.

The Design Thinking method is the substantive basis of the workshop II. The method presupposes the extension of the methodology commonly used in product design to other processes occurring during the implementation of new innovative ventures.



Seminars are led in informational and debatable manner. They are aimed at designers, entrepreneurs, persons responsible for design implementation, involved in financing of design projects and related legal issues. Participants learn on basis of benefits’ examples related to new product development and use of design. Moreover, participants learn the latest global trends. Seminars are led by Polish and foreign designers experienced in work with Polish and foreign entrepreneurs.



 Website www.projekt-wbz.com.pl is the main platform for communication and source of knowledge, integrating entrepreneurs, designers, universities and entities engaged in promotion and consultancy in the field of innovation.

The website provides the expertise, methodology and practical solutions. It also shows examples of how to effectively create innovatively designed products and how to successfully bring them to market. It includes case studies, examples of good practices and materials from seminars and workshops conducted during the project.

The website www.projekt-wbz.com.pl contains the application that allows to independently create a brief design and a 'Wizytownik' - ‘business card holder’ – an online tool that allows establishing business relations between entrepreneurs and designers involved in the projects.

The project is financed in scope of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013 5.2 measure ‘Supporting business environment institutions providing pro-innovative services and its networks of supra-regional importance’.

Photo by: Krystian Szczęsny/FOTOactions